Circular Family in Bangladesh

Circular Family in Bangladesh (CFB) is a national business platform that is born due to the lack of awareness and connections that often help to address circular economy at different levels: micro-meso-macro.

Additionally, CFB is connecting families with the same interests that allow family members to exchange circular economy knowledge, create collaborations, and have a healthy impact than they would have separately.

In Bangladesh, CFB is the pioneer organization introducing circular economy and also bringing together all actors in the circular economy space, making bridge between family members, institutions and industries, for free. CFB provides support to develop legislative proposals aimed at stimulating the Bangladeshi route towards the circular economy.

It also provides circular economy experts in education, culture, industry, business models, environment and energy. Objectives of the activities of CFB consider a circular economy as a means of contributing to produce multidimensional benefits: cultural benefits, economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.